August 2012

Aug 2012 Cover

Cutting to the Common Core / Moving Pedagogic Mountains
Reyes Quezada and Cristina Alfaro stress the importance of developing culturally and linguistically proficient biliteracy teachers for the new generation of ELLs

Cutting to the Common Core / Let’s Get Specific
Jack Umstatter delves into the Standards to find some clear examples of what will be required of English Learners

Social Climbing
Yue Meng and Nile Stanley see the educational value in social networking sites

Using All Gears
Language Magazine asks developers how technological applications can assist in the teaching of diverse student groups

How Humans Write
Language Magazine offers a roundup of some of the most interesting products that can aid teachers in the instruction of writing

Looking Cool in Arabic
Raisa Zaidi talks type with font designer Mourad Boutros

Last Writes Richard Lederer and the Eyes Have It