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Language Magazine is a monthly publication that provides cutting-edge information for language learners, educators, and professionals around the world.

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Publisher/Editor: Daniel Ward
Daniel WardDaniel Ward believes that everyone deserves the opportunities that languages offer – be they immigrants building a new life, business people closing a deal, ex-enemies en route to reconciliation, strangers breaking cultural boundaries, or teenagers making new friends. He was educated in the UK, Canada, Spain, and France, and received an Honors Degree in Modern Languages with International Studies specializing in European Integration. After teaching English in Spain, he joined the EL (English Language) Gazette in London, UK, where he  became executive editor, and was behind the launch of Language Travel Magazine and the ELT Guide.In addition to his work in language publishing, Daniel has lectured and written training programs on financial regulation, and was press officer for the World Chess Championships 2000 between Gary Kasparov and Vladimir Kramnik, where he supervised the live, online streaming of the event to more than a million simultaneous users – a record at the time.

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Assistant Editor/Creative Director: Leanna Robinson
Leanna RobinsonLeanna Robinson is a visual artist and writer who lives in Los Angeles. She received her BA in Creative Writing from the University of Central Florida and has always been interested in languages, linguistics, etymology, and how language relates to social issues. She is coeditor of an art and music zine Subspace. She is learning Spanish and Portuguese and enjoys reading, writing about art, and travel.

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Book Reviews Editor: Karen Russikoff, Ph.D.Karen is the Coordinator of the undergraduate credit ESL program as well as the graduate TESL Program at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. She holds two Master’s degrees, in English and in TESL, and a PH.D. in Language and Literacy from the University of Southern California. She is currently the College/University level chair on the CATESOL State Board. She has worked and taught abroad in Asia and Europe, and her research interests include issues related to ESL composition, including plagiarism as a cross-cultural phenomenon, assessment, and oral proficiency.

Last Laugh: Richard Lederer

With more than a million of his books in print, Richard Lederer (aka the Wizard of Idiom, Attila the Pun, and Conan the Grammarian) is America’s “Super-duper Blooper Snooper.” Richard’s weekly radio show “A Way With Words,” celebrates “that tremendous, stupendous, end-over-endous adventure we call language.”

Advertising Director: Emma Sutton

Having worked at one of Milan’s top fashion houses, Emma decided to use her fluent Italian in toursim and joined British Airways flight crew. Over the next few years, she had the opportunity to literally travel the world before she decided that southern California was the place for her.

Far from the rainy skies of London, Emma relishes the outdoor life of her new home. She rides horses and enjoys the Topanga Canyon or Malibu areas in her spare time.

Assistant Editor: Kristal Bivona

Kristal Bivona received her B.A. from San Diego State University and an M.A. in Comparative Literature from Dartmouth College. A former EFL instructor, Kristal has lived in Tijuana, Mexico, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and La Plata, Argentina, where she ran a bilingual creative writing workshop as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant.  She speaks Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and is learning French. Kristal enjoys traveling, live music, literary translation and cooking with family and friends

Want to predict the future? Analyze what people are saying now!


Language is the march of empires. Learn to be aware of developing situations as they occur. For instance, we printed in: August 2007: Moscow Moves to Promote Russian Half of Ukrainian citizens want legalization of Russian language; May 2008: Possible One-State Language for Ukraine July 2009: Ukraine House Speaker Calls for Acceptance; October 2011: Russian language in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova; January 2012: Ukraine Language Policy Approved; April 2012: Ukraine Considers Making Russian Official; July 2012: Ukraine Passes Russian Bill amid Clashes

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