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2014 Calendar Postings

Also see our listing of study abroad events for 2014.


2-6 The International Journal of Arts & Sciences Valletta, Malta www.internationaljournal.org/malta.html

3-9 National Foreign Language Week

4-5 Global Summit on Education Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

5 The CASIE Speakeasy: Albanian Language Lesson Atlanta, GA

5-7 Conference of the German Linguistic Society Marburg, Germany

5-7 Education and Development Conference Bangkok, Thailand www.tomorrowpeople.org/edc-conference.html

6-7 Foreign Lang Assoc of Maine Portland, ME www.maineforeignlanguage.org

7 Workshop on Innovations in Cantonese Linguistics Chicago, IL http://lucian.uchicago.edu/blogs/phonlab/events/workshop-on-innovations-in-cantonese-linguistics-2/

7-8 Classical Association of New England Manchester, NH http://caneweb.org

7-8 Intl Conference and Workshop on TEFL and Applied Linguistics Taipei, Taiwan http://alls.cycu.edu.tw/wSite/lp?ctNode=16197&mp=7&idPath=9052_15755_16197

7-9 Asia Pacific Corpus Linguistics Conference Hong Kong, China www.engl.polyu.edu.hk/events/apclc2014/

7-9 TESOL Spain Madrid, Spain www.tesol-spain.org

7-9 West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics Los Angeles, CA https://sites.google.com/site/uscwccfl32/

7-16 ‘Aber’ Cultural Exchange Trip to Doha

8 Central CT State University 8th Conference for Language Teachers New Britain, CT www.modlang.ccsu.edu/Conference/2014/Default.htm

10-22 Latin American School for Education Punta del Este, Uruguay http://2014.laschool4education.com

12-14 3rd International Conference on Humanity, History and Society Penang, Malaysia

13-15 CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing Columbus, OH

13-15 Illinois Reading Council Springfield, IL www.illinoisreadingcouncil.org/conference.html

13-15 Southern Conference on Language Teaching Memphis, TN www.scolt.org

13-15 TESOL Arabia, Dubai, UAE www.tesolarabia.net/ta/

13-15 Arabic Linguistics Symposium Gainesville, FL clas.ufl.edu/users/yah/ALS28.xhtml

13-16 California Language Teachers’ Association San Diego, CA http://clta.net/conference/

14-16 Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics Washington, D.C. www8.georgetown.edu/college/gurt/2014/

14-16 Good Teaching Conference South Anaheim, CA

14-17 American Oriental Society Phoenix, AZ www.umich.edu/~aos/

15 Foreign Language Association of Missouri Mini Grants www.flamnet.org/flam_grants.html

15-16 TESOL Greece Athens, Greece www.tesolgreece.org

15-17 ASCD Conference Los Angeles, CA www.ascd.org/conferences.aspx

16-18 Biennial Conference on Anthropology & Sustainability in Asia Hiroshima, Japan

20-22 Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages St. Louis, MO www.csctfl.org

20-22 Virginia State Reading Assoc Roanoke, Virginia http://www.vsra.org

20-22 English Scholars Beyond Borders Izmir, Turkey www.englishscholarsbeyondborders.org/conference/

22-23 Florida Linguistics Yearly Meeting Saint Petersburg, FL www.tampalinguistics.org

22-25 American Association for Applied Linguistics Portland, OR www.aaal.org/

25-28 International Conference on Missionary Linguistics Lima, Peru http://congreso.pucp.edu.pe/linguistica-misionera/

26-29 Teachers of English as a Second or Other Language (TESOL) Annual Convention Portland, OR www.tesol.org

27-28 SouthEast Coastal Conference on Languages and Literatures Savannah, GA

27-29 International Conference on Applied Linguistics and ELT Antalya, Turkey

27-29 Ontario Modern Language Teachers’ Association Toronto, Canada www.omlta.org

27-29 Southeastern Conference on Linguistics North Myrtle Beach, SC www.secol.org

27-29 Student-Led Sign Language Conference Washington, DC https://sites.google.com/site/sl2hubdc/

28-29 Hispanic & Luso-Brazilian Linguistics Conference Tempe, AZ http://silc-lss-dev.asu.edu/conf/

28-30 Penn Linguistics Colloquium Philadelphia, PA www.ling.upenn.edu/Events/PLC/plc38/

29 6th International Symposium on Digital Technologies in Foreign Language Learning Kyoto, Japan https://dlanguagelearning2014.wikispaces.com


1 Teacher Initiative Grants Deadline

1 Youth for Understanding Summer Departure Program Deadline http://yfuusa.org/study-abroad/countries/overview.php?searchresult=1&sstring=deadlines#wb_271

2-5 Intl Assn for Teachers of EFL Harrogate, England, UK

2-5 Classical Assn of the Middle West and South Waco, TX www.camws.org/meeting/2014/

3-5 Spanish Assn for Applied Linguistics Seville, Spain http://aesla2014.tucongreso.es/en/introduction

3-6 The Asian Conference on Arts and Humanities Osaka, Japan http://acah.iafor.org

3-6 Northeast Modern Language Conference Harrisburg, PA http://nemla.org/convention/2014/

4-6 Illinois Languages and Linguistics Society Champaign, IL http://ills.linguistics.illinois.edu/current/index.html

4-6 Young Linguists’ Meeting Poznan, Poland http://wa.amu.edu.pl/ylmp/

5-7 British Assn for Slavonic and Eastern European Studies Cambridge, U.K. www.basees.org.uk/conference.shtml

7-8 National Capitol Forum on Hispanic Higher Learning Washington D.C. www.hacu.net

7-8 Empirical Methods in Linguistics Lodz, Poland www.filolog.uni.lodz.pl/emls

7-11 Teaching Higher Education in the Medium of English Southampton, UK https://www.llas.ac.uk/events/6858

10-11 Massachusetts Reading Assn Boston, MA massreading.org/2014-conference/

10-12 Kentucky Foreign Languages Lexington, KY http://web.as.uky.edu/kflc/

11-12 Language, Learning, and Culture Fairfax, VA http://viu.edu/sed/about-school-of-education/cllc.html

11-12 Symposium about Language and Society Austin, TX http://studentorgs.utexas.edu/salsa/

11-13 Global Youth Service Day www.gysd.org

14-17 EVOLANG 10 Vienna, Austria http://evolangx.univie.ac.at/

17-19 Annual Conference on African Linguists Lawrence, KS

17-19 Intl Conference on Applied Linguistics & Language Teaching Taipei, Taiwan http://alltntust.wix.com/2014allt

17-20 Asian Conference on Language Learning Osaka, Japan http://acll.iafor.org/index.html

18-19 Intl Young Scholars’ Conference Ulyanovsk, Russia http://linguistlist.org/callconf/browse-conf-action.cfm?ConfID=167834

23-25 National At-Risk Education Baltimore, MD www.atriskeducation.net

24-26 Southwest Conference on Language Teaching Snowbird, UT www.swcolt.org

24-26 Cognitive Futures of the Humanities Durham, UK http://coghumanities.com/durham-2014/

24-27 Pragmatics and Language Learning Bloomington, Indiana www.indiana.edu/~pll/home/

25 Meeting on English Language Teaching Montreal, Canada http://linguistlist.org/callconf/browse-conf-action.cfm?ConfID=167713

25-26 War and Peace in the Life of Languages Nottingham, UK http://war-and-peace-life-of-language.weebly.com/index.html

25-27 Croatian Assn of Teachers of English Opatija, Croatia www.hupe.hr

25-27 ELC Conference; Shantou, Guangdong China http://elc.stu.edu.cn/conf2014/

27-29 Southeastern Conference on Linguistics North Myrtle Beach, SC http://ww2.coastal.edu/secol81/

28-30 Center for Development and Learning Plain Talk about Reading Institute; New Orleans, LA www.cdl.org

28-30 Intl Symposium on Variation in Portuguese Braga, Portugal http://linguistlist.org/callconf/browse-conf-action.cfm?ConfID=169013


1-2 National Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy Assessment Melbourne, Australia

1-4 Assn. of Canadian Italian Writers Montreal, Canada www.aicw.ca/call-for-submissions

2 Workshop on American Indigenous Languages Santa Barbara, CA www.linguistics.ucsb.edu/wail/

2 Workshop on Altaic Formal Linguistics Cambridge, MA http://wafl.mit.edu

2-3 BP14 Conference for freelance translators Budapest, Hungary www.budapest14.com

2-3 GLAC-20 Workshop on L2 & L3 Acquisition of Vocabulary in the Germanic Languages
West Lafayette, IN www.conf.purdue.edu/landing_pages/glac20/

2-3 Beyond Words 2 / New Developments in Pragmatics Leipzig, Germany http://linguistlist.org/callconf/call-action.cfm?ConfID=166833

2-3 ARTHEO ‘14 / Philosophy, Aesthetics and Theory of Art Conference on “Theory and Practice” Istanbul, Turkey www.artheoconference.blogspot.com

2-4 Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics Berkeley, CA http://slavic.berkeley.edu/fasl23.htm

2-4 IACL & 26th North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics College Park, MD http://sllc.umd.edu/chinese/IACL22-NACCL26/EN

2-4 The Nature of Nominal Categories London, Canada http://linguistlist.org/callconf/call-action.cfm?ConfID=168073

2-4 Globalization of Chinese College Park, MD http://sllc.umd.edu/chinese/IACL22-NACCL26/EN/details

2-4 Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages London, Canada http://linguistlist.org/callconf/call-action.cfm?ConfID=166635

2-4 Romance Languages as Minority and/or Heritage Languages London, Canada http://linguistlist.org/callconf/call-action.cfm?ConfID=169653

3 The Nature of Nominal Categories London, Canada http://linguistlist.org/callconf/browse-conf-action.cfm?ConfID=168073

3-5 Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics Hamilton, Canada http://fasl22.mcmaster.ca

3 -7 Conference on Language, Discourse, and Cognition Taipei, Taiwan http://homepage.ntu.edu.tw/~cldcntu

4 Workshop on “Interpersonal Coordination and Phonetic Convergence” Cologne, Germany www.issp2014.uni-koeln.de/?page_id=166

5-6 Intl. Workshop on Linguistic Microareas in South Asia Uppsala, Sweden www.lingfil.uu.se/kalend/konf/lmsa/

5-8 10th Intl. Seminar on Speech Production Cologne, Germany www.issp2014.uni-koeln.de/

6 2ndGEN Second and Third Generation: Integration and Identity on Children of Migrants Trento, Italy www.progettoalteritas.org

6 V Simposio Internacional de Hispanistas Encuentros 2014 Ustro_, Polonia http://encuentros2014.us.edu.pl

6-10 Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium Athens, OH www.calico.org

7 2nd Intl. Workshop on Technological Innovation for Specialized Linguistic Domains Ávila, Spain http://linguistlist.org/callconf/browse-conf-action.cfm?ConfID=168414

7-9 MATSOL 2014 Conference TESOL Framingham, MA www.matesol.org/ www.tislid14.es

7-9 The Intl. Conference on Language, Literature and Culture in Education 2014 Nitra, Slovakia www.jolace.com/llce-2014/

7-9 Coordination / Subordination in Lisbon Lisbon, Portugal http://linguistlist.org/callconf/call-action.cfm?ConfID=165557

8 Arabic Comparative Linguistics Kenitra, Morocco

8 International Conference on Medieval Studies Kalamazoo, MI

8-9 ASLA Symposium: Language and Identity Stockholm, Sweden www.sh.se/asla2014

8-9 SESDEF – Colloque 2014 La Société des Études Supérieures du Département d’Études Françaises – Colloque 2014 Toronto, Canada http://sesdef.sa.utoronto.ca/colloque-2014/

8-10 Encompassing the Multimodality of Knowledge Aarhus, Denmark http://bcom.au.dk/research/conferencesandlectures/encompassing-the-multimodality-of-knowledge/

8-10 SSTESOL Conference Orlando, FL http://sstesol.org/?page_id=11

8-11 Intl. Congress on Medieval Studies Kalamazoo, MI www.wmich.edu/medieval/congress/

9-10 4th Intl. Conference on Foreign Language and Applied Linguistics Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina http://fltal.ibu.edu.ba/

9-10 Argentina TESOL Jujuy, Argentina www.artesol.org.ar

10-11 2nd Intl. Symposium on Rethinking The Qur’an / Concepts and Terms in the Qur’an
Ankara, Turkey http://secondrethinkingthequran.org

10-12 International Reading Association; New Orleans, LA www.reading.org/annual-conference-2014

12-13 NBC 2014 Intl. Conference on Northern British English Rouen, France www.nbc2014.com

12-14 SOCIO CRI ‘14 / Sociology and Critical Perspectives Conference Istanbul, Turkey www.sociocriconference.org

13 4th Intl. Symposium on Tonal Aspects of Languages Nijmegen, Netherlands www.tal2014.org

15-17 Language and Law in Social Practice Caserta, Italy www.rill.unina2.it

16 4th Belgrade Intl. Meeting of English Phoneticians
Belgrade, Serbia http://linguistlist.org/callconf/call-action.cfm?ConfID=165354

16-17 Conference of Central Asian Language and Linguistics Bloomington, IN

17 31st Intl. Conference on English Teaching and Learning Zhongli, Taiwan http://etra2014.cycu.edu.tw/

17-18 The 2nd Task-Based Learning in Asia Conference Osaka, Japan www.tblsig.org/conference

16-18 National Assn of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators St. Louis, MO www.najit.org

16-19 SULA 8 Semantics of Under-Represented Languages in the Americas 8 Vancouver, Canada http://linguistlist.org/callconf/call-action.cfm?ConfID=169033

18-21 WEI International Multidisciplinary Academic Conference Bali, Indonesia www.westeastinstitute.com/bali/

19-20 Diskussionsforum Linguistik in Bayern IV: Empirie und Theorie Bamberg, Germany www.uni-bamberg.de/germ-ling1/diskussionsforum-linguistik-in-bayern/

19-22 American Canadian Conference for Academic Disciplines Toronto, Canada

20-23 Speech Prosody Dublin, Ireland speechprosody2014.org

21 World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development http://www.unesco.org

21-23 Global Legal Skills 9 Verona, Italy http://beta.active.com/verona-veneto/conferences/global-legal-skills-conference-gls-9-verona-italy-2014/

21-25 American Indian Workshop Leiden, Netherlands www.hum.leiden.edu/lucl/american-indian-workshop/

21 27th Intl. Conference of the Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society Pensacola Beach, FL www.flairs-27.info

22 6th International Conference on Corpus Linguistics Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain www.congresos.ulpgc.es/cilc6

22 2e Colloque international du GRAC Jyvaskyla, Finland www.jyu.fi/grac2014

22 Riverside California Association for Bilingual Education Riverside, CA

22 26th International Conference on Foreign / Second Language Acquisition: Material Culture Szczyrk, Poland http://uranos.cto.us.edu.pl/~icfsla

22-23 BAAL Intercultural Communication SIG Annual Seminar Edinburgh, United Kingdom http://linguistlist.org/callconf/call-action.cfm?ConfID=170033

22-24 Expression of Temporality by L2 Learners of French and English Montpellier, France https://sites.google.com/site/l2acquisitionoftemporality/

22-24 Association des Professeurs de Langues des Instituts Universitaires de Technologie Montpellier, France www.apliut.com

22-24 International Linguistic Association; Paris, France http://ilaword.org/site/annual-conference/

22-24 Germanic Genitives Berlin, Germany www.geisteswissenschaften.fu-berlin.de/v/germanic-genitives

22-24 Food and Culture in Translation Forli, Italy http://linguistlist.org/callconf/call-action.cfm?ConfID=165558

22-26 Intl. Communication Assn Seattle, Washington www.icahdq.org www.icahdq.org/conf/index.asp

23 3rd Patras Intl. Conference of Graduate Students in Linguistics Patras, Greece

25-26 NAFSA: Assn. of Intl. Educators St. Louis, MO www.nafsa.org

26 Amazônicas V Belem, Brazil http://darkwing.uoregon.edu/~spike/Site/Amazonicas_V.html

26-28 Canadian Assn. of Applied Linguistics Victoria, British Columbia, Canada http://aclacaal.org/CongACLAAn.htm

26-28 Association canadienne de linguistique appliquée / Canadian Assn. of Applied Linguistics St. Catherines, Canada linguistlist.org/easyabs/acla2014

26-31 LREC 2014 Language Resources and Evaluation Conference Reykjavik, Iceland www.lrec-conf.org/lrec2014

27 Evidential Systems in Tibetan Languages Yangon, Myanmar http://linguistlist.org/callconf/call-action.cfm?ConfID=167293

27-31 SEALS24 24th Annual Meeting of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society Yangon, Myanmar http://linguistlist.org/callconf/call-action.cfm?ConfID=166713

28 24th Colloquium on Generative Grammar
Madrid, Spain http://sites.google.com/site/cgg24th/

28 Medieval Tibeto-Burman Languages VI Yangon, Myanmar http://linguistlist.org/callconf/call-action.cfm?ConfID=167294

28-29 NJTESOL / NJBE Spring Conference, New Brunswick, NJ http://njtesol-njbe.org/spring-conference/

28-30 eLearning Africa International Conference on ICT for Development, Education and Training, Windoek, Namibia www.elearning-africa.com

28-31 SCIHS Sound Change, 2014 Berkeley, CA http://linguistics.berkeley.edu/SCIHS

29 Formal Semantics Beyond Spoken Language New York, NY https://sites.google.com/site/semanticsbeyondspokenlanguage/

29 16th Intl. Morphology Meeting Budapest, Hungary www.nytud.hu/imm16/

29 Modelling Compound Properties – New Approaches and New Explanations
Budapest, Hungary www.nytud.hu/imm16/index.html

29-31 BookExpo America
New York, NY www.bookexpoamerica.com

29-31 Intl. Conference on Non- Professional Interpreting and Translation Germersheim, Germany www.fb06.uni-mainz.de/ikk/402.php

29- J1 QUALICO 2014 Intl. Quantitative Linguistics Conference 2014
Olomouc, Czech Republic iqla.org/qualico_2014/index.html

30 Synchrony and Diachrony of Inflectional Classes
Budapest, Hungary http://linguistlist.org/callconf/call-action.cfm?ConfID=162854

30-31 Scholastic Art & Writing Award National Events New York, NY www.artandwriting.org

30-31 Intl. Conference on English Language, British and American Studies Skopje, Macedonia www.ibu.edu.mk

30-J1 Semantics and Linguistic Theory 24 New York, NY http://nyu.edu/salt2014

31 Japan Second Language Association Tama, Japan

31-J1 Japan Second Language Association Tama, Japan http://www.j-sla.org


1 NEA Learning & Leadership Grants Deadline www.neafoundation.org

4-6 Language Testing Research Colloquium: Towards a Universal Framework, Amsterdam, The Netherlands http://ltrc2014.nl/

4-6 AVID Summer Institute Hawaii avid.org/eve_summerinstitutes.html

4-6 Intl Symposium on Chinese Languages and Linguistics Taipei

4-6 Intl Language Conference Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia

5-6 Intl Conference on Translation Studies: Translating Asia: Now and Then Bangkok, Thailand http://icts.utcc.ac.th/

5-6 Language and Learning: The History of Linguistics in the Context of Education

6 Russian Language Day

9-12 Intl Conference on Literature, Languages & Linguistics Athens, Greece http://www.atiner.gr/literature.htm

12-14 Intl Conference on Third Language Acquisition and Multilingualism

13-15 International Society for Language Studies Akita, Japan http://www.isls.co/index-2.html

16-18 Linguistics and Language Conference on Languages in the Contemporary World Istanbul, Turkey http://www.lilaconference.org

16-19 Canada International Conference on Education
Novia Scotia, Canada http://www.ciceducation.org

17-19 Middle Years Programme Training Workshops Atlanta, GA http://casieonline.org/events

17-28 Gonzaga University TESOL Abroad Tuscany

19-20 Conference on East Asian Translation Studies Norwich, UK

23-25 AVID Summer Institute Dallas, TX http://www.avid.org/eve_summerinstitutes.html

23-26 Language, Culture and Mind VI Lublin, Poland http://lcm6.umcs.lublin.pl/

23-J4 ICTFL Summer Teacher Tour Morocco http://www.ictfl.org/content/2013/04/ictfl-summer-teacher-tour-morocco-june-23-july-3-2014-sign-fall-conference

24-25 Iowa Reading Association Ames, IA http://www.iowareading.org

24-26 Primary Years Program Training Workshops, Atlanta, GA http://casieonline.org/events

25-27 Assn of French Language Studies Conference Kent UK http://www.afls.net/conferences.php

26-J1 The American Library Association Las Vegas NV www.ala.org

28-29 MATSDA SLA and Materials Development Liverpool, UK www.matsda.org.uk


1 The Howard Hathaway “Don Miguel” Fund for Special Projects Deadline www.mctlc.org http://www.mctlc.org/resources/Documents/hathaway_fund_application.pdf

1-3 AVID Summer Institute San Antonio, TX www.avid.org/eve_summerinstitutes.html

1-3 African Assn for Lexicography Potchefstroom, South Africa http://afrilex.africanlanguages.com

1-4 Language Awareness 2014: Achievements and Challenges Hamar, Norway http://ala2014.org

1-4 Cultural Difference and Social Solidarity Northern Cay, Belize http://differenceandsolidarity.org

1-6 National Education Association Denver, CO www.nea.org/grants/17767.htm

4 Cambridge Conference on Endangered Languages Cambridge, UK http://groups.ds.cam.ac.uk/celc/

5-7 Diasporas – Exploring Critical Issues Oxford UK www.inter-disciplinary.net/at-the-interface/diversity-recognition/diasporas/call-for-papers/

7-9 AVID Summer Institute Orlando, FL avid.org/eve_summerinstitutes.html

7-A10 Using the Web for Communicative Language Learning and Professional Development, Online www.carla.umn.edu/institutes/2014/schedule.html

7-10 Colloque d’Albi Langages et Signification Albi, France http://w3.gril.univ-tlse2.fr/CALS.htm

7-10 Intl Conference on Languages and Linguistics Athens, Greece

7-11 Differentiated Instruction Las Vegas, NV www.sde.com/nationals/2014/
8-10 AVID Summer Institute Sacramento, CA www.avid.org/eve_summerinstitutes.html

8-11 Digital Humanities 2014 Lausanne, Switzerland http://dh2014.org/conference/

8-11 Intl Society for Gesture Studies San Diego, CA http://linguistlist.org/callconf/browse-conf-action.cfm?ConfID=166873

8-11 American Assn. of Teachers of Spanish & Portuguese, Panama City, Panama www.aatsp.org

9-11 Intl Conference on Historical Lexicography and Lexicology Las Palmas https://sites.google.com/site/ichll2014/

14-16 AVID Summer Institute Indianapolis, IN www.avid.org/eve_summerinstitutes.html

14-17 Early English Dialect Morphosyntax Leuven, Belgium http://linguistlist.org/callconf/browse-conf-action.cfm?ConfID=166194

14-18 Using Technology in Second Language Teaching Minneapolis, MN www.carla.umn.edu/institutes/2014/schedule.html

14-18 Second Language Acquisition Basics for Teachers Minneapolis,MN www.carla.umn.edu/institutes/2014/schedule.html

14-18 Improving Language Learning: Styles- and Strategies-Based Instruction Minneapolis, MN www.carla.umn.edu/institutes/2014/schedule.html

14-18 Intl Congress for the Study of Child Language Amsterdam, Netherlands

14-18 Intl Conference on English Historical Linguistics Leuve Belgium www.arts.kuleuven.be/ling/ICEHL18/

14-19 Intl Congress of Linguistics Paraiba, Brazil

14-25 Summer Institutes for Intercultural Communication Portland, OR

16-18 Himalayan Languages Symposium (HLS19) Singapore http://www.himalayansymposium.org

16-18 AVID Summer Institute Philadelphia, PA avid.org/eve_summerinstitutes.html

17-19 National Council of Teachers of English Summer Institute Pasadena, CA www.ncte.org/wlu/institute

17-19 Intl Lexical Functional Grammar Conference Ann Arbor, MI http://lfg-conference.org

18-21 CA Teachers’ Assn President’s Conference Pacific Grove, CA www.cta.org

19-22 American Assn. of Teachers of French
New Orleans, LA www.frenchteachers.org/convention/

20-23 TaLC Conference Lancaster, UK http://ucrel.lancs.ac.uk/talc2014/

20-24 Midwest Conference on Differentiated Instruction
Chicago, IL http://sde.com/nationals/2014/

21-25 Content-Based language Instruction and Curriculum Development, Minneapolis, MN www.carla.umn.edu/institutes/2014/schedule.html

21-25 Culture as the Core in the Second Language Classroom Minneapolis, MN www.carla.umn.edu/institutes/2014/schedule.html

21-25 Immersion 101: An Introduction to Immersion Teaching Minneapolis,MN www.carla.umn.edu/institutes/2014/schedule.html

25-27 Intl Conference on Information Processing Bangalore, India http://icipbangalore.org

28-A1 Developing Materials for Less Commonly Taught Languages Minneapolis, MN www.carla.umn.edu/institutes/2014/schedule.html

28-A1 Immersion 101: An Introduction to Immersion Teaching Minneapolis, MN www.carla.umn.edu/institutes/2014/schedule.html

29-31 UK Cognitive Linguistics Lancaster, UK www.lancaster.ac.uk/fass/events/uk-clc5/index.htm

30-A1 AVID Summer Institute San Diego, CA www.avid.org/eve_summerinstitutes.html


3-8 CA Teachers’ Assn Summer Institute Los Angeles, CA www.cta.org

4-6 AVID Summer Institute
San Diego, CA http://www.avid.org/eve_summerinstitutes.html

6-9 Linguistic Assn of Canada and the U.S. Forum
Vancouver, Canada

6-9 New York State Assn. of Foreign Language Teachers Summer Institute
Oneonta, New York http://www.nysaflt.org/conferences/

7-9 Intl Assn for Language Learning Technology Summer Leadership Meeting Cambridge, MA www.iallt.org

10-15 World Congress of the International Applied Linguistics Assn Brisbane, Australia www.aila2014.com
11-16 2014- ALC Summer Institute for Teacher Fellows and ALC Teachers

20-25 Conference on English Historical Linguistics
Zurich, Switzerland

21-24 Sociolinguistics Symposium Berlin, Germany http://www.sociolinguistics-symposium-2012.de

24-17 ISLE Conference on Linguistics of English Zurich, Switzerland http://www.isle3.uzh.ch/index.html

28-30 International Conference on Late Modern English
Bergamo, Italy http://www.unibg.it/struttura/struttura.asp?cerca=dllc_LModE-5

28-31 23rd Conference of the European Second Language Association Amsterdam, Netherlands http://www.uva.nl/eurosla23


1-3 Persuasion in Public Discourse Budapest, Hungary

1-3 Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis across Disciplines (CADAAD) Budapest, Hungary

2-4 ICLHE: Integrating Content and Language in Higher Education Bruxelles, Belgium http://conference.iclhe.org/2013

3-5 Intl Conference on Turkish Linguistics Rouen, France http://ictl17.hypotheses.org

3-6 Intl Conference on Construction Grammar (ICCG-8) Osnabrück, Germany

3-6 Category Change from a Constructional Perspective Osnabrück, Germany

3-6 European Second Language Association (EUROSLA 24)
York, UK www.york.ac.uk/eurosla24

4-5 Workshop on Written Language and Literacy (AWLL9) Brighton, UK sussex.ac.uk/english/newsandevents/orthographic

4-6 Multidisciplinary Approaches in Language Policy and Planning Conference 2014 Calgary, Alberta, Canada http://educ.ucalgary.ca/lpp

5-6 Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching (PSLLT) Santa Barbara, CA

8-10 Syntax of the World’s Languages VI (SWL6) Pavia, Italy


9-10 90/90/90 School Improvement Summit Washington, D.C. www.leadandlearn.com

10-12 EUROPHRAS 2014 Paris Sorbonne, France

11-12 Brno Conference on Linguistics Studies in English 2014 (BCLSE) Brno, Czech Republic

11-13 Intl Conference on Community Translation (ICCT 2014) Sydney, Australia

11-14 Societas Linguistica Europaea (SLE 2014) Poland

13-15 The ICEF Higher Education Workshop, Prague, Czech Republic icef.com/workshops/higher-education.html

15-16 “Sonstige” Namenarten / Stiefkinder der Onomastik
Mainz, Germany

16-19 2nd GAL Congress: Applied Linguistics in Teaching / Teaching Applied Linguistics Marburg, Germany www.gal-ev.de

17-20 Intl Conference on Functional Discourse Grammar Jaén, Spain

18-20 Hungarian Sociolinguistics Conference Nitra, Slovakia www.fss.ukf.sk/elonyelvi18

18-20 (Phonetic) Building Blocks of Speech (PBBS) Victoria, BC, Canada web.uvic.ca/ling/pbbs/

18-20 The Romance Turn VI Palma de Mallorca, Spain

18-20 Linguistic Association of the Southwest (LASSO) San Marcos, CA http://clas.ucdenver.edu/lasso/

21-22 Indiana State Reading Association Conference Indianapolis, IN, U.S.A.

22-25 Intl Conference on Formal Ontology in Information Systems (FOIS 2014) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

24-25 Decision Making for Results: Data-Driven Decision Making/Data Teams Seminar Charlotte, NC www.leadandlearn.com

24-27 German Conference on French Language and Literature Münster in Westfalen, Germany

25-27 Intl Association for Cognitive Semiotics Conference (IACS-2014) Lund, Sweden

26 Native American Day

26-27 Free Linguistics Con­ference (FLC 2014) Shanghai, China

29-O2 Intl Conference on Transnational Education and Learning (ICTELS 2014)
Milwaukee, WI www.uwosh.edu/llce/ conted/conferences-and-workshops-1/tels-conference

30-O3 Australian Council of TESOL Assns Melbourne, Australia http://tesol.org.au/ACTA-Conference/ACTA-International-Conference-2014


1 Youth for Understanding Winter Departure Program Application Deadline http://yfuusa.org/american-students/deadlines-fees.php

1-3 Language and Speech Synchronic and Diachronic (ICLC) Taganrog, Russia linguisticsociety.org/

2-3 Language and Democracy
Siegen, Germany www.sud.friedemann-vogel.de

2-4 Foreign Language Assn of Virginia http://flavaweb.org

4-6 Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities Annual Conference Denver, CO www.hacu.net/hacu/Annual_Conference1.asp

5 World Teachers’ Day

5-11 National German Week

6 German American Day

6-8 Computational Processing of Portuguese São Carlos, Brazil http://nilc.icmc.usp.br/propor2014/

8-11 Southeast TESOL (w/ARKTESOL) Rogers, AR www.arktesol.org

9-11 Rocky Mountain Modern Lang Assn Boise, ID www.rmmla.org

10-11 New York State Assn of Foreign Language Teachers Rochester, NY www.nysaflt.org

13-14 Observing Learning and Teaching Poland https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByMMhLNK53kQUkJfU1QycGJTYmM/edit?usp=sharing

13-15 Symposium on Second Language Writing Arizona State University Tempe, AZ sslw.asu.edu

15-16 Texas Assn for Bilingual Education McAllen, Texas tabe.org

15-17 14th International Language, Literature and Stylistics Symposium Izmir, Turkey http://deyisbilim2014.org

17-19 Conference of the American Pragmatics Assn
Los Angeles, CA ampra.appling.ucla.edu

18 Workshop on Statistical Parsing of Morphologically Rich Languages (SPMRL 2013) Seattle, WA

23-24 Michigan World Language Assn Lansing, MI www.miwla.org

23-26 Intl Conference on ELT in China (7th ELT China) Nanjing, China celea.org.cn/2014/english/default.asp

24 MN Council for the Teaching of Languages & Cultures Brooklyn Center, MN www.mctlc.org

24-26 Interdisciplinary Conference in Linguistics at the University of Georgia
Athens, GA, USA LSUGA2014.wix.com/conference


1 National Family Literacy Day www.famlit.org

2-4 Literacy for All Conference Providence, RI

5-8 American Translators’ Assn Chicago, IL www.atanet.org

5-11 National French Week www.frenchteachers.org

6-9 American Studies Assn
Los Angeles, CA www.theasa.net

9 Northern New England Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages Vermont www.nnetesol.org/annualconference/

12-15 Annual IDA Reading Literacy & Learning Conference San Diego, CA http://www.interdys.org
13-15 Asian Congress for Media and Communication
Hong Kong, China http://www.asianmediacongress.org

13-16 Hispanic Linguistics Symposium Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN http://linguistlist.org/confservices/customhome.cfm?emeetingid=5602JA4458B67658406050441

15 Foreign Language Assn. of Georgia Award Nominations Due www.flageorgia.org/calendar.htm

15 The Exemplary Reading Program Award Application Deadline www.kansasread.org/pdf/09Exemplary_Reading_Award_Application.pdf

16 International Day for Tolerance

17-21 International Education Week

19-22 CIEE: Council on International Educational Exchange Baltimore, MD http://ciee.org

19-22 La Cosecha / Dual Language Education of New Mexico Santa Fe, NM www.lacosecha.dlenm.org

20-23 National Council of Teachers of English Washington, DC www.ncte.org/annual

20-23 African Studies Assn Indianapolis, IN africanstudies.org
21-23 American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages San Antonio, TX www.actfl.org

21-23 Texas Foreign Lang Assn (with ACTFL) San Antonio, TX www.tfla.info

21-24 Japan Assn for Language Teaching
Tsukuba, Japan http://jalt.org/conference/jalt2014

24-25 Intl Conference on Information and Communication Technologies for Amazigh Rabat, Morocco tal.ircam.ma/conference/index.php


5-6 Dialect Syntax: The State of the Art Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, Germany www.syhd.info/?q=node/13

11-12 Theoretical and Empirical Approaches in Phraseology Nancy, Lorraine, France www.atilf.fr/spip.php?rubrique615

18 World Arabic Language Day