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2014 Calendar Postings

Also see our listing of study abroad events for 2014.


2-6 The International Journal of Arts & Sciences Valletta, Malta www.internationaljournal.org/malta.html

3-9 National Foreign Language Week

4-5 Global Summit on Education Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

5 The CASIE Speakeasy: Albanian Language Lesson Atlanta, GA

5-7 Conference of the German Linguistic Society Marburg, Germany

5-7 Education and Development Conference Bangkok, Thailand www.tomorrowpeople.org/edc-conference.html

6-7 Foreign Lang Assoc of Maine Portland, ME www.maineforeignlanguage.org

7 Workshop on Innovations in Cantonese Linguistics Chicago, IL http://lucian.uchicago.edu/blogs/phonlab/events/workshop-on-innovations-in-cantonese-linguistics-2/

7-8 Classical Association of New England Manchester, NH http://caneweb.org

7-8 Intl Conference and Workshop on TEFL and Applied Linguistics Taipei, Taiwan http://alls.cycu.edu.tw/wSite/lp?ctNode=16197&mp=7&idPath=9052_15755_16197

7-9 Asia Pacific Corpus Linguistics Conference Hong Kong, China www.engl.polyu.edu.hk/events/apclc2014/

7-9 TESOL Spain Madrid, Spain www.tesol-spain.org

7-9 West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics Los Angeles, CA https://sites.google.com/site/uscwccfl32/

7-16 ‘Aber’ Cultural Exchange Trip to Doha

8 Central CT State University 8th Conference for Language Teachers New Britain, CT www.modlang.ccsu.edu/Conference/2014/Default.htm

10-22 Latin American School for Education Punta del Este, Uruguay http://2014.laschool4education.com

12-14 3rd International Conference on Humanity, History and Society Penang, Malaysia

13-15 CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing Columbus, OH

13-15 Illinois Reading Council Springfield, IL www.illinoisreadingcouncil.org/conference.html

13-15 Southern Conference on Language Teaching Memphis, TN www.scolt.org

13-15 TESOL Arabia, Dubai, UAE www.tesolarabia.net/ta/

13-15 Arabic Linguistics Symposium Gainesville, FL clas.ufl.edu/users/yah/ALS28.xhtml

13-16 California Language Teachers’ Association San Diego, CA http://clta.net/conference/

14-16 Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics Washington, D.C. www8.georgetown.edu/college/gurt/2014/

14-16 Good Teaching Conference South Anaheim, CA

14-17 American Oriental Society Phoenix, AZ www.umich.edu/~aos/

15 Foreign Language Association of Missouri Mini Grants www.flamnet.org/flam_grants.html

15-16 TESOL Greece Athens, Greece www.tesolgreece.org

15-17 ASCD Conference Los Angeles, CA www.ascd.org/conferences.aspx

16-18 Biennial Conference on Anthropology & Sustainability in Asia Hiroshima, Japan

20-22 Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages St. Louis, MO www.csctfl.org

20-22 Virginia State Reading Assoc Roanoke, Virginia http://www.vsra.org

20-22 English Scholars Beyond Borders Izmir, Turkey www.englishscholarsbeyondborders.org/conference/

22-23 Florida Linguistics Yearly Meeting Saint Petersburg, FL www.tampalinguistics.org

22-25 American Association for Applied Linguistics Portland, OR www.aaal.org/

25-28 International Conference on Missionary Linguistics Lima, Peru http://congreso.pucp.edu.pe/linguistica-misionera/

26-29 Teachers of English as a Second or Other Language (TESOL) Annual Convention Portland, OR www.tesol.org

27-28 SouthEast Coastal Conference on Languages and Literatures Savannah, GA

27-29 International Conference on Applied Linguistics and ELT Antalya, Turkey

27-29 Ontario Modern Language Teachers’ Association Toronto, Canada www.omlta.org

27-29 Southeastern Conference on Linguistics North Myrtle Beach, SC www.secol.org

27-29 Student-Led Sign Language Conference Washington, DC https://sites.google.com/site/sl2hubdc/

28-29 Hispanic & Luso-Brazilian Linguistics Conference Tempe, AZ http://silc-lss-dev.asu.edu/conf/

28-30 Penn Linguistics Colloquium Philadelphia, PA www.ling.upenn.edu/Events/PLC/plc38/

29 6th International Symposium on Digital Technologies in Foreign Language Learning Kyoto, Japan https://dlanguagelearning2014.wikispaces.com


1 Teacher Initiative Grants Deadline

1 Youth for Understanding Summer Departure Program Deadline http://yfuusa.org/study-abroad/countries/overview.php?searchresult=1&sstring=deadlines#wb_271

2-5 Intl Assn for Teachers of EFL Harrogate, England, UK

2-5 Classical Assn of the Middle West and South Waco, TX www.camws.org/meeting/2014/

3-5 Spanish Assn for Applied Linguistics Seville, Spain http://aesla2014.tucongreso.es/en/introduction

3-6 The Asian Conference on Arts and Humanities Osaka, Japan http://acah.iafor.org

3-6 Northeast Modern Language Conference Harrisburg, PA http://nemla.org/convention/2014/

4-6 Illinois Languages and Linguistics Society Champaign, IL http://ills.linguistics.illinois.edu/current/index.html

4-6 Young Linguists’ Meeting Poznan, Poland http://wa.amu.edu.pl/ylmp/

5-7 British Assn for Slavonic and Eastern European Studies Cambridge, U.K. www.basees.org.uk/conference.shtml

7-8 National Capitol Forum on Hispanic Higher Learning Washington D.C. www.hacu.net

7-8 Empirical Methods in Linguistics Lodz, Poland www.filolog.uni.lodz.pl/emls

7-11 Teaching Higher Education in the Medium of English Southampton, UK https://www.llas.ac.uk/events/6858

10-11 Massachusetts Reading Assn Boston, MA massreading.org/2014-conference/

10-12 Kentucky Foreign Languages Lexington, KY http://web.as.uky.edu/kflc/

11-12 Language, Learning, and Culture Fairfax, VA http://viu.edu/sed/about-school-of-education/cllc.html

11-12 Symposium about Language and Society Austin, TX http://studentorgs.utexas.edu/salsa/

11-13 Global Youth Service Day www.gysd.org

14-17 EVOLANG 10 Vienna, Austria http://evolangx.univie.ac.at/

17-19 Annual Conference on African Linguists Lawrence, KS

17-19 Intl Conference on Applied Linguistics & Language Teaching Taipei, Taiwan http://alltntust.wix.com/2014allt

17-20 Asian Conference on Language Learning Osaka, Japan http://acll.iafor.org/index.html

18-19 Intl Young Scholars’ Conference Ulyanovsk, Russia http://linguistlist.org/callconf/browse-conf-action.cfm?ConfID=167834

23-25 National At-Risk Education Baltimore, MD www.atriskeducation.net

24-26 Southwest Conference on Language Teaching Snowbird, UT www.swcolt.org

24-26 Cognitive Futures of the Humanities Durham, UK http://coghumanities.com/durham-2014/

24-27 Pragmatics and Language Learning Bloomington, Indiana www.indiana.edu/~pll/home/

25 Meeting on English Language Teaching Montreal, Canada http://linguistlist.org/callconf/browse-conf-action.cfm?ConfID=167713

25-26 War and Peace in the Life of Languages Nottingham, UK http://war-and-peace-life-of-language.weebly.com/index.html

25-27 Croatian Assn of Teachers of English Opatija, Croatia www.hupe.hr

25-27 ELC Conference; Shantou, Guangdong China http://elc.stu.edu.cn/conf2014/

27-29 Southeastern Conference on Linguistics North Myrtle Beach, SC http://ww2.coastal.edu/secol81/

28-30 Center for Development and Learning Plain Talk about Reading Institute; New Orleans, LA www.cdl.org

28-30 Intl Symposium on Variation in Portuguese Braga, Portugal http://linguistlist.org/callconf/browse-conf-action.cfm?ConfID=169013


1-2 National Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy Assessment Melbourne, Australia

1-4 Assn. of Canadian Italian Writers Montreal, Canada www.aicw.ca/call-for-submissions

2 Workshop on American Indigenous Languages Santa Barbara, CA www.linguistics.ucsb.edu/wail/

2 Workshop on Altaic Formal Linguistics Cambridge, MA http://wafl.mit.edu

2-3 BP14 Conference for freelance translators Budapest, Hungary www.budapest14.com

2-3 GLAC-20 Workshop on L2 & L3 Acquisition of Vocabulary in the Germanic Languages
West Lafayette, IN www.conf.purdue.edu/landing_pages/glac20/

2-3 Beyond Words 2 / New Developments in Pragmatics Leipzig, Germany http://linguistlist.org/callconf/call-action.cfm?ConfID=166833

2-3 ARTHEO ‘14 / Philosophy, Aesthetics and Theory of Art Conference on “Theory and Practice” Istanbul, Turkey www.artheoconference.blogspot.com

2-4 Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics Berkeley, CA http://slavic.berkeley.edu/fasl23.htm

2-4 IACL & 26th North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics College Park, MD http://sllc.umd.edu/chinese/IACL22-NACCL26/EN

2-4 The Nature of Nominal Categories London, Canada http://linguistlist.org/callconf/call-action.cfm?ConfID=168073

2-4 Globalization of Chinese College Park, MD http://sllc.umd.edu/chinese/IACL22-NACCL26/EN/details

2-4 Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages London, Canada http://linguistlist.org/callconf/call-action.cfm?ConfID=166635

2-4 Romance Languages as Minority and/or Heritage Languages London, Canada http://linguistlist.org/callconf/call-action.cfm?ConfID=169653

3 The Nature of Nominal Categories London, Canada http://linguistlist.org/callconf/browse-conf-action.cfm?ConfID=168073

3-5 Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics Hamilton, Canada http://fasl22.mcmaster.ca

3 -7 Conference on Language, Discourse, and Cognition Taipei, Taiwan http://homepage.ntu.edu.tw/~cldcntu

4 Workshop on “Interpersonal Coordination and Phonetic Convergence” Cologne, Germany www.issp2014.uni-koeln.de/?page_id=166

5-6 Intl. Workshop on Linguistic Microareas in South Asia Uppsala, Sweden www.lingfil.uu.se/kalend/konf/lmsa/

5-8 10th Intl. Seminar on Speech Production Cologne, Germany www.issp2014.uni-koeln.de/

6 2ndGEN Second and Third Generation: Integration and Identity on Children of Migrants Trento, Italy www.progettoalteritas.org

6 V Simposio Internacional de Hispanistas Encuentros 2014 Ustro_, Polonia http://encuentros2014.us.edu.pl

6-10 Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium Athens, OH www.calico.org

7 2nd Intl. Workshop on Technological Innovation for Specialized Linguistic Domains Ávila, Spain http://linguistlist.org/callconf/browse-conf-action.cfm?ConfID=168414

7-9 MATSOL 2014 Conference TESOL Framingham, MA www.matesol.org/ www.tislid14.es

7-9 The Intl. Conference on Language, Literature and Culture in Education 2014 Nitra, Slovakia www.jolace.com/llce-2014/

7-9 Coordination / Subordination in Lisbon Lisbon, Portugal http://linguistlist.org/callconf/call-action.cfm?ConfID=165557

8 Arabic Comparative Linguistics Kenitra, Morocco

8 International Conference on Medieval Studies Kalamazoo, MI

8-9 ASLA Symposium: Language and Identity Stockholm, Sweden www.sh.se/asla2014

8-9 SESDEF – Colloque 2014 La Société des Études Supérieures du Département d’Études Françaises – Colloque 2014 Toronto, Canada http://sesdef.sa.utoronto.ca/colloque-2014/

8-10 Encompassing the Multimodality of Knowledge Aarhus, Denmark http://bcom.au.dk/research/conferencesandlectures/encompassing-the-multimodality-of-knowledge/

8-10 SSTESOL Conference Orlando, FL http://sstesol.org/?page_id=11

8-11 Intl. Congress on Medieval Studies Kalamazoo, MI www.wmich.edu/medieval/congress/

9-10 4th Intl. Conference on Foreign Language and Applied Linguistics Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina http://fltal.ibu.edu.ba/

9-10 Argentina TESOL Jujuy, Argentina www.artesol.org.ar

10-11 2nd Intl. Symposium on Rethinking The Qur’an / Concepts and Terms in the Qur’an
Ankara, Turkey http://secondrethinkingthequran.org

10-12 International Reading Association; New Orleans, LA www.reading.org/annual-conference-2014

12-13 NBC 2014 Intl. Conference on Northern British English Rouen, France www.nbc2014.com

12-14 SOCIO CRI ‘14 / Sociology and Critical Perspectives Conference Istanbul, Turkey www.sociocriconference.org

13 4th Intl. Symposium on Tonal Aspects of Languages Nijmegen, Netherlands www.tal2014.org

15-17 Language and Law in Social Practice Caserta, Italy www.rill.unina2.it

16 4th Belgrade Intl. Meeting of English Phoneticians
Belgrade, Serbia http://linguistlist.org/callconf/call-action.cfm?ConfID=165354

16-17 Conference of Central Asian Language and Linguistics Bloomington, IN

17 31st Intl. Conference on English Teaching and Learning Zhongli, Taiwan http://etra2014.cycu.edu.tw/

17-18 The 2nd Task-Based Learning in Asia Conference Osaka, Japan www.tblsig.org/conference

16-18 National Assn of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators St. Louis, MO www.najit.org

16-19 SULA 8 Semantics of Under-Represented Languages in the Americas 8 Vancouver, Canada http://linguistlist.org/callconf/call-action.cfm?ConfID=169033

18-21 WEI International Multidisciplinary Academic Conference Bali, Indonesia www.westeastinstitute.com/bali/

19-20 Diskussionsforum Linguistik in Bayern IV: Empirie und Theorie Bamberg, Germany www.uni-bamberg.de/germ-ling1/diskussionsforum-linguistik-in-bayern/

19-22 American Canadian Conference for Academic Disciplines Toronto, Canada

20-23 Speech Prosody Dublin, Ireland speechprosody2014.org

21 World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development http://www.unesco.org

21-23 Global Legal Skills 9 Verona, Italy http://beta.active.com/verona-veneto/conferences/global-legal-skills-conference-gls-9-verona-italy-2014/

21-25 American Indian Workshop Leiden, Netherlands www.hum.leiden.edu/lucl/american-indian-workshop/

21 27th Intl. Conference of the Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society Pensacola Beach, FL www.flairs-27.info

22 6th International Conference on Corpus Linguistics Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain www.congresos.ulpgc.es/cilc6

22 2e Colloque international du GRAC Jyvaskyla, Finland www.jyu.fi/grac2014

22 Riverside California Association for Bilingual Education Riverside, CA

22 26th International Conference on Foreign / Second Language Acquisition: Material Culture Szczyrk, Poland http://uranos.cto.us.edu.pl/~icfsla

22-23 BAAL Intercultural Communication SIG Annual Seminar Edinburgh, United Kingdom http://linguistlist.org/callconf/call-action.cfm?ConfID=170033

22-24 Expression of Temporality by L2 Learners of French and English Montpellier, France https://sites.google.com/site/l2acquisitionoftemporality/

22-24 Association des Professeurs de Langues des Instituts Universitaires de Technologie Montpellier, France www.apliut.com

22-24 International Linguistic Association; Paris, France http://ilaword.org/site/annual-conference/

22-24 Germanic Genitives Berlin, Germany www.geisteswissenschaften.fu-berlin.de/v/germanic-genitives

22-24 Food and Culture in Translation Forli, Italy http://linguistlist.org/callconf/call-action.cfm?ConfID=165558

22-26 Intl. Communication Assn Seattle, Washington www.icahdq.org www.icahdq.org/conf/index.asp

23 3rd Patras Intl. Conference of Graduate Students in Linguistics Patras, Greece

25-26 NAFSA: Assn. of Intl. Educators St. Louis, MO www.nafsa.org

26 Amazônicas V Belem, Brazil http://darkwing.uoregon.edu/~spike/Site/Amazonicas_V.html

26-28 Canadian Assn. of Applied Linguistics Victoria, British Columbia, Canada http://aclacaal.org/CongACLAAn.htm

26-28 Association canadienne de linguistique appliquée / Canadian Assn. of Applied Linguistics St. Catherines, Canada linguistlist.org/easyabs/acla2014

26-31 LREC 2014 Language Resources and Evaluation Conference Reykjavik, Iceland www.lrec-conf.org/lrec2014

27 Evidential Systems in Tibetan Languages Yangon, Myanmar http://linguistlist.org/callconf/call-action.cfm?ConfID=167293

27-31 SEALS24 24th Annual Meeting of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society Yangon, Myanmar http://linguistlist.org/callconf/call-action.cfm?ConfID=166713

28 24th Colloquium on Generative Grammar
Madrid, Spain http://sites.google.com/site/cgg24th/

28 Medieval Tibeto-Burman Languages VI Yangon, Myanmar http://linguistlist.org/callconf/call-action.cfm?ConfID=167294

28-29 NJTESOL / NJBE Spring Conference, New Brunswick, NJ http://njtesol-njbe.org/spring-conference/

28-30 eLearning Africa International Conference on ICT for Development, Education and Training, Windoek, Namibia www.elearning-africa.com

28-31 SCIHS Sound Change, 2014 Berkeley, CA http://linguistics.berkeley.edu/SCIHS

29 Formal Semantics Beyond Spoken Language New York, NY https://sites.google.com/site/semanticsbeyondspokenlanguage/

29 16th Intl. Morphology Meeting Budapest, Hungary www.nytud.hu/imm16/

29 Modelling Compound Properties – New Approaches and New Explanations
Budapest, Hungary www.nytud.hu/imm16/index.html

29-31 BookExpo America
New York, NY www.bookexpoamerica.com

29-31 Intl. Conference on Non- Professional Interpreting and Translation Germersheim, Germany www.fb06.uni-mainz.de/ikk/402.php

29- J1 QUALICO 2014 Intl. Quantitative Linguistics Conference 2014
Olomouc, Czech Republic iqla.org/qualico_2014/index.html

30 Synchrony and Diachrony of Inflectional Classes
Budapest, Hungary http://linguistlist.org/callconf/call-action.cfm?ConfID=162854

30-31 Scholastic Art & Writing Award National Events New York, NY www.artandwriting.org

30-31 Intl. Conference on English Language, British and American Studies Skopje, Macedonia www.ibu.edu.mk

30-J1 Semantics and Linguistic Theory 24 New York, NY http://nyu.edu/salt2014

31 Japan Second Language Association Tama, Japan

31-J1 Japan Second Language Association Tama, Japan http://www.j-sla.org


1 NEA Learning & Leadership Grants Deadline www.neafoundation.org

4-6 Language Testing Research Colloquium: Towards a Universal Framework, Amsterdam, The Netherlands http://ltrc2014.nl/

4-6 AVID Summer Institute Hawaii avid.org/eve_summerinstitutes.html

4-6 Intl Symposium on Chinese Languages and Linguistics Taipei

4-6 Intl Language Conference Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia

5-6 Intl Conference on Translation Studies: Translating Asia: Now and Then Bangkok, Thailand http://icts.utcc.ac.th/

5-6 Language and Learning: The History of Linguistics in the Context of Education

6 Russian Language Day

9-12 Intl Conference on Literature, Languages & Linguistics Athens, Greece http://www.atiner.gr/literature.htm

12-14 Intl Conference on Third Language Acquisition and Multilingualism

13-15 International Society for Language Studies Akita, Japan http://www.isls.co/index-2.html

16-18 Linguistics and Language Conference on Languages in the Contemporary World Istanbul, Turkey http://www.lilaconference.org

16-19 Canada International Conference on Education
Novia Scotia, Canada http://www.ciceducation.org

17-19 Middle Years Programme Training Workshops Atlanta, GA http://casieonline.org/events

17-28 Gonzaga University TESOL Abroad Tuscany

19-20 Conference on East Asian Translation Studies Norwich, UK

23-25 AVID Summer Institute Dallas, TX http://www.avid.org/eve_summerinstitutes.html

23-26 Language, Culture and Mind VI Lublin, Poland http://lcm6.umcs.lublin.pl/

23-J4 ICTFL Summer Teacher Tour Morocco http://www.ictfl.org/content/2013/04/ictfl-summer-teacher-tour-morocco-june-23-july-3-2014-sign-fall-conference

24-25 Iowa Reading Association Ames, IA http://www.iowareading.org

24-26 Primary Years Program Training Workshops, Atlanta, GA http://casieonline.org/events

25-27 Assn of French Language Studies Conference Kent UK http://www.afls.net/conferences.php

26-J1 The American Library Association Las Vegas NV www.ala.org

28-29 MATSDA SLA and Materials Development Liverpool, UK www.matsda.org.uk


1 The Howard Hathaway “Don Miguel” Fund for Special Projects Deadline www.mctlc.org http://www.mctlc.org/resources/Documents/hathaway_fund_application.pdf

1-3 AVID Summer Institute San Antonio, TX www.avid.org/eve_summerinstitutes.html

1-3 African Assn for Lexicography Potchefstroom, South Africa http://afrilex.africanlanguages.com

1-4 Language Awareness 2014: Achievements and Challenges Hamar, Norway http://ala2014.org

1-4 Cultural Difference and Social Solidarity Northern Cay, Belize http://differenceandsolidarity.org

1-6 National Education Association Denver, CO www.nea.org/grants/17767.htm

4 Cambridge Conference on Endangered Languages Cambridge, UK http://groups.ds.cam.ac.uk/celc/

5-7 Diasporas – Exploring Critical Issues Oxford UK www.inter-disciplinary.net/at-the-interface/diversity-recognition/diasporas/call-for-papers/

7-9 AVID Summer Institute Orlando, FL avid.org/eve_summerinstitutes.html

7-A10 Using the Web for Communicative Language Learning and Professional Development, Online www.carla.umn.edu/institutes/2014/schedule.html

7-10 Colloque d’Albi Langages et Signification Albi, France http://w3.gril.univ-tlse2.fr/CALS.htm

7-10 Intl Conference on Languages and Linguistics Athens, Greece

7-11 Differentiated Instruction Las Vegas, NV www.sde.com/nationals/2014/
8-10 AVID Summer Institute Sacramento, CA www.avid.org/eve_summerinstitutes.html

8-11 Digital Humanities 2014 Lausanne, Switzerland http://dh2014.org/conference/

8-11 Intl Society for Gesture Studies San Diego, CA http://linguistlist.org/callconf/browse-conf-action.cfm?ConfID=166873

8-11 American Assn. of Teachers of Spanish & Portuguese, Panama City, Panama www.aatsp.org

9-11 Intl Conference on Historical Lexicography and Lexicology Las Palmas https://sites.google.com/site/ichll2014/

14-16 AVID Summer Institute Indianapolis, IN www.avid.org/eve_summerinstitutes.html

14-17 Early English Dialect Morphosyntax Leuven, Belgium http://linguistlist.org/callconf/browse-conf-action.cfm?ConfID=166194

14-18 Using Technology in Second Language Teaching Minneapolis, MN www.carla.umn.edu/institutes/2014/schedule.html

14-18 Second Language Acquisition Basics for Teachers Minneapolis,MN www.carla.umn.edu/institutes/2014/schedule.html

14-18 Improving Language Learning: Styles- and Strategies-Based Instruction Minneapolis, MN www.carla.umn.edu/institutes/2014/schedule.html

14-18 Intl Congress for the Study of Child Language Amsterdam, Netherlands

14-18 Intl Conference on English Historical Linguistics Leuve Belgium www.arts.kuleuven.be/ling/ICEHL18/

14-19 Intl Congress of Linguistics Paraiba, Brazil

14-25 Summer Institutes for Intercultural Communication Portland, OR

16-18 Himalayan Languages Symposium (HLS19) Singapore http://www.himalayansymposium.org

16-18 AVID Summer Institute Philadelphia, PA avid.org/eve_summerinstitutes.html

17-19 National Council of Teachers of English Summer Institute Pasadena, CA www.ncte.org/wlu/institute

17-19 Intl Lexical Functional Grammar Conference Ann Arbor, MI http://lfg-conference.org

18-21 CA Teachers’ Assn President’s Conference Pacific Grove, CA www.cta.org

19-22 American Assn. of Teachers of French
New Orleans, LA www.frenchteachers.org/convention/

20-23 TaLC Conference Lancaster, UK http://ucrel.lancs.ac.uk/talc2014/

20-24 Midwest Conference on Differentiated Instruction
Chicago, IL http://sde.com/nationals/2014/

21-25 Content-Based language Instruction and Curriculum Development, Minneapolis, MN www.carla.umn.edu/institutes/2014/schedule.html

21-25 Culture as the Core in the Second Language Classroom Minneapolis, MN www.carla.umn.edu/institutes/2014/schedule.html

21-25 Immersion 101: An Introduction to Immersion Teaching Minneapolis,MN www.carla.umn.edu/institutes/2014/schedule.html

25-27 Intl Conference on Information Processing Bangalore, India http://icipbangalore.org

28-A1 Developing Materials for Less Commonly Taught Languages Minneapolis, MN www.carla.umn.edu/institutes/2014/schedule.html

28-A1 Immersion 101: An Introduction to Immersion Teaching Minneapolis, MN www.carla.umn.edu/institutes/2014/schedule.html

29-31 UK Cognitive Linguistics Lancaster, UK www.lancaster.ac.uk/fass/events/uk-clc5/index.htm

30-A1 AVID Summer Institute San Diego, CA www.avid.org/eve_summerinstitutes.html


3-8 CA Teachers’ Assn Summer Institute Los Angeles, CA www.cta.org

4-6 AVID Summer Institute
San Diego, CA http://www.avid.org/eve_summerinstitutes.html

6-9 Linguistic Assn of Canada and the U.S. Forum
Vancouver, Canada

6-9 New York State Assn. of Foreign Language Teachers Summer Institute
Oneonta, New York http://www.nysaflt.org/conferences/

7-9 Intl Assn for Language Learning Technology Summer Leadership Meeting Cambridge, MA www.iallt.org

10-15 World Congress of the International Applied Linguistics Assn Brisbane, Australia www.aila2014.com
11-16 2014- ALC Summer Institute for Teacher Fellows and ALC Teachers

20-25 Conference on English Historical Linguistics
Zurich, Switzerland

21-24 Sociolinguistics Symposium Berlin, Germany http://www.sociolinguistics-symposium-2012.de

24-17 ISLE Conference on Linguistics of English Zurich, Switzerland http://www.isle3.uzh.ch/index.html

28-30 International Conference on Late Modern English
Bergamo, Italy http://www.unibg.it/struttura/struttura.asp?cerca=dllc_LModE-5

28-31 23rd Conference of the European Second Language Association Amsterdam, Netherlands http://www.uva.nl/eurosla23


1-3 Persuasion in Public Discourse Budapest, Hungary

1-3 Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis across Disciplines (CADAAD) Budapest, Hungary

2-4 ICLHE: Integrating Content and Language in Higher Education Bruxelles, Belgium http://conference.iclhe.org/2013

3-5 Intl Conference on Turkish Linguistics Rouen, France http://ictl17.hypotheses.org

3-6 Intl Conference on Construction Grammar (ICCG-8) Osnabrück, Germany

3-6 Category Change from a Constructional Perspective Osnabrück, Germany

3-6 European Second Language Association (EUROSLA 24)
York, UK www.york.ac.uk/eurosla24

4-5 Workshop on Written Language and Literacy (AWLL9) Brighton, UK sussex.ac.uk/english/newsandevents/orthographic

4-6 Multidisciplinary Approaches in Language Policy and Planning Conference 2014 Calgary, Alberta, Canada http://educ.ucalgary.ca/lpp

5-6 Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching (PSLLT) Santa Barbara, CA

8-10 Syntax of the World’s Languages VI (SWL6) Pavia, Italy


9-10 90/90/90 School Improvement Summit Washington, D.C. www.leadandlearn.com

10-12 EUROPHRAS 2014 Paris Sorbonne, France

11-12 Brno Conference on Linguistics Studies in English 2014 (BCLSE) Brno, Czech Republic

11-13 Intl Conference on Community Translation (ICCT 2014) Sydney, Australia

11-14 Societas Linguistica Europaea (SLE 2014) Poland

13-15 The ICEF Higher Education Workshop, Prague, Czech Republic icef.com/workshops/higher-education.html

15-16 “Sonstige” Namenarten / Stiefkinder der Onomastik
Mainz, Germany

16-19 2nd GAL Congress: Applied Linguistics in Teaching / Teaching Applied Linguistics Marburg, Germany www.gal-ev.de

17-20 Intl Conference on Functional Discourse Grammar Jaén, Spain

18-20 Hungarian Sociolinguistics Conference Nitra, Slovakia www.fss.ukf.sk/elonyelvi18

18-20 (Phonetic) Building Blocks of Speech (PBBS) Victoria, BC, Canada web.uvic.ca/ling/pbbs/

18-20 The Romance Turn VI Palma de Mallorca, Spain

18-20 Linguistic Association of the Southwest (LASSO) San Marcos, CA http://clas.ucdenver.edu/lasso/

21-22 Indiana State Reading Association Conference Indianapolis, IN, U.S.A.

22-25 Intl Conference on Formal Ontology in Information Systems (FOIS 2014) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

24-25 Decision Making for Results: Data-Driven Decision Making/Data Teams Seminar Charlotte, NC www.leadandlearn.com

24-27 German Conference on French Language and Literature Münster in Westfalen, Germany

25-27 Intl Association for Cognitive Semiotics Conference (IACS-2014) Lund, Sweden

26 Native American Day

26-27 Free Linguistics Con­ference (FLC 2014) Shanghai, China

29-O2 Intl Conference on Transnational Education and Learning (ICTELS 2014)
Milwaukee, WI www.uwosh.edu/llce/ conted/conferences-and-workshops-1/tels-conference

30-O3 Australian Council of TESOL Assns Melbourne, Australia http://tesol.org.au/ACTA-Conference/ACTA-International-Conference-2014


1 Youth for Understanding Winter Departure Program Application Deadline http://yfuusa.org/american-students/deadlines-fees.php

1-3 Language and Speech Synchronic and Diachronic (ICLC) Taganrog, Russia linguisticsociety.org/

2-3 Language and Democracy
Siegen, Germany www.sud.friedemann-vogel.de

2-4 Foreign Language Assn of Virginia http://flavaweb.org

4-6 Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities Annual Conference Denver, CO www.hacu.net/hacu/Annual_Conference1.asp

5 World Teachers’ Day

5-11 National German Week

6 German American Day

6-8 Computational Processing of Portuguese São Carlos, Brazil http://nilc.icmc.usp.br/propor2014/

8-11 Southeast TESOL (w/ARKTESOL) Rogers, AR www.arktesol.org

9-11 Rocky Mountain Modern Lang Assn Boise, ID www.rmmla.org

10-11 New York State Assn of Foreign Language Teachers Rochester, NY www.nysaflt.org

13-14 Observing Learning and Teaching Poland https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByMMhLNK53kQUkJfU1QycGJTYmM/edit?usp=sharing

13-15 Symposium on Second Language Writing Arizona State University Tempe, AZ sslw.asu.edu

15-16 Texas Assn for Bilingual Education McAllen, Texas tabe.org

15-17 14th International Language, Literature and Stylistics Symposium Izmir, Turkey http://deyisbilim2014.org

17-19 Conference of the American Pragmatics Assn
Los Angeles, CA ampra.appling.ucla.edu

18 Workshop on Statistical Parsing of Morphologically Rich Languages (SPMRL 2013) Seattle, WA

23-24 Michigan World Language Assn Lansing, MI www.miwla.org

23-26 Intl Conference on ELT in China (7th ELT China) Nanjing, China celea.org.cn/2014/english/default.asp

24 MN Council for the Teaching of Languages & Cultures Brooklyn Center, MN www.mctlc.org

24-26 Interdisciplinary Conference in Linguistics at the University of Georgia
Athens, GA, USA LSUGA2014.wix.com/conference


1 National Family Literacy Day www.famlit.org

2-4 Literacy for All Conference Providence, RI

5-8 American Translators’ Assn Chicago, IL www.atanet.org

5-11 National French Week www.frenchteachers.org

6-9 American Studies Assn
Los Angeles, CA www.theasa.net

9 Northern New England Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages Vermont www.nnetesol.org/annualconference/

12-15 Annual IDA Reading Literacy & Learning Conference San Diego, CA http://www.interdys.org
13-15 Asian Congress for Media and Communication
Hong Kong, China http://www.asianmediacongress.org

13-16 Hispanic Linguistics Symposium Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN http://linguistlist.org/confservices/customhome.cfm?emeetingid=5602JA4458B67658406050441

15 Foreign Language Assn. of Georgia Award Nominations Due www.flageorgia.org/calendar.htm

15 The Exemplary Reading Program Award Application Deadline www.kansasread.org/pdf/09Exemplary_Reading_Award_Application.pdf

16 International Day for Tolerance

17-21 International Education Week

19-22 CIEE: Council on International Educational Exchange Baltimore, MD http://ciee.org

19-22 La Cosecha / Dual Language Education of New Mexico Santa Fe, NM www.lacosecha.dlenm.org

20-23 National Council of Teachers of English Washington, DC www.ncte.org/annual

20-23 African Studies Assn Indianapolis, IN africanstudies.org
21-23 American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages San Antonio, TX www.actfl.org

21-23 Texas Foreign Lang Assn (with ACTFL) San Antonio, TX www.tfla.info

21-24 Japan Assn for Language Teaching
Tsukuba, Japan http://jalt.org/conference/jalt2014

24-25 Intl Conference on Information and Communication Technologies for Amazigh Rabat, Morocco tal.ircam.ma/conference/index.php


5-6 Dialect Syntax: The State of the Art Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, Germany www.syhd.info/?q=node/13

11-12 Theoretical and Empirical Approaches in Phraseology Nancy, Lorraine, France www.atilf.fr/spip.php?rubrique615

18 World Arabic Language Day

Want to predict the future?
Analyze what people are saying now!


Language is the march of empires. Learn to be aware of developing situations as they occur. For instance, we printed in:

August 2007: Moscow Moves to Promote Russian Half of Ukrainian citizens want legalization of Russian language

May 2008 Possible One-State Language for Ukraine

July 2009 Ukraine House Speaker Calls for Acceptance

October 2011 Russian language in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova

January 2012 Ukraine Language Policy Approved

April 2012 Ukraine Considers Making Russian Official

July 2012 Ukraine Passes Russian Bill amid Clashes

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