June 2015

June 2015 Cover

Profile: Mohamed Abdel-Kader
The U.S. Department of Education’s language boss shares his motivation and goals

Words + Pictures
Lina Sun sees the value of using graphic novels to help develop multiliteracies

French à la mode
Gaétan Mathieu sees bilingualism as the key to the future of French in the U.S.

Destination France
Where and why to learn French in France

Quebec Beckons
From language to La Citadelle, explore Canada’s largest province

Designing Global Fonts
Mourad Boutros interviews Peter Rosenfeld, whose 35 years’ experience in type has helped us read the same way in different scripts

Celebrating Immigrant Heritage

Books to Read to your Child this Father’s Day

Last Writes Richard Lederer on the word no one wants to admit is a word

Reviews Jobshop Source and more.


  1. Words + Pictures

    This is fantastic! I actually had my Spanish 1 students do a project last year where they used Pixton.com to create comic book characters and little comic strips where their characters describe themselves in Spanish. It was great practice and many students really enjoyed the creative aspect of it. Mixing visuals with vocabulary is a great way to help students to remember words, especially when they can link the vocabulary with an image that they created!