August 2013

August 2013 Cover

Cutting to the Common Core
Making Vocabulary Number One

Dr. Kate Kinsella offers strategies for prioritizing vocabulary for competent text analysis, discussion, and constructed response

Child’s Play
Kennedy Schultz surveys language learning and technology programs for elementary students

Apps That Snap and Tools That Rule
Christopher DiStasio recommends free online resources for the language classroom

A Country of Many Canadas
Learning French in Canada has never been easier, and the quality has never been better

Last Writes
Richard Lederer gives us a snicker over ‘sniglets’


  1. Spanish and English words also share many of the same Latin roots so it should be easy to learn. What better way to get to know your neighbors than to learn their native language. We’d cover lessons from SEAsite or we’d work on vocabulary lists.

  2. Ok, update:I can click New Term and add a term, and then it will put a nuebmr next to the word every time it occurs. But the problem is that the blue stuff still appears. I don’t really know what it’s thinking, but my TO DO list is still the nuebmr of blue highlighted (individual) characters, so to the program, I think it still takes it to mean that I haven’t learned any of the words in the text, although the program doesn’t understand what a word is.It also can’t conjugate.